Christmas celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey has always welcomed Christmas in a grand manner as this place is where St. Thomas had founded the famous Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. Tourists visit this region every year in great numbers as it has beautiful backwaters and scenic landscapes. The Christmas celebrations in Alleppey are marked with grand festivities and one can see huge crowds on streets throughout December. People belonging to different faiths participate in these celebrations, creating a vibrant mood everywhere. This would be an exciting time for tourists to visit this region and enjoy great festivities that this place has to offer.

Christmas celebration in Alleppey
Much before the day of Christmas, people engage themselves in preparations for it. Hotels and resorts in Alleppey are also busy with plans for welcoming their guests who come from different corners of the world for enjoying a fun-filled vacation in this region. Many tourists are delighted to receive a Santa gift at Alleppey resort when they participate in its Christmas events. On such occasions there are plenty of delicious treats for guests arranged in these resorts which include popular dishes served during Christmas and local delicacies.

Tourists can enjoy marvellous views of swaying coconut palms along sandy beaches of Alleppey during their stay in a beach resort. When they are a part of Christmas celebrations in Alleppey resort, they would have a golden opportunity to enjoy events that are complete with great music and dance. Excellent hospitality offered in these resorts would also give them some memorable moments to cherish for a very long time.

New Years 2013 Celebrations in Alleppey

Many tourists who come to Kerala for exploring the beauty of different regions in it always find Alleppey very enchanting. Its scenic landscapes that comprise of green fields of paddy, rushing streams and swaying palms of coconut trees are a delight to watch. It is no wonder then, that this region was described as 'Venice of the East' by Viceroy of British India, Lord Curzon, during his visit to this amazing place during early twentieth century. Other than its natural surroundings, several festivals that are celebrated in this part of the world attract tourists in great numbers. Being a part of New Year event held in certain places of this region would be an experience to remember.

People start planning several days in advance for making their New Year's Eve memorable. They enjoy their New Year party with lots of dance and music along with their friends or close relatives. Houses are decorated with beautiful lamps that are lit during evening, creating a festive atmosphere everywhere. A Beach Festival is also held to welcome the New Year in style. Plenty of tourists and local residents participate in this festival, enjoying their time and bursting firecrackers at midnight. Stars from the world of films and television also attend this event, adding glitz and glamour to the festivities. 

Tourists always want to have a comfortable place to stay whenever they are planning to spend an exciting vacation in this region. Booking an accommodation in Panoramic Sea Resort would enable them to have luxurious cottages that are located close to the beach. This Panoramic resort is highly affordable for tourists and has plenty of modern facilities in store for them. It has a multi-cuisine restaurant which includes mouth-watering Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes along with local delicacies in its menu. An Ayurvedic Massage Centre in it offers rejuvenating therapies for guests that are also effective for promoting overall health in them. This resort is currently engaged in planning grand New Year Celebrations 2013 for all its patrons. For tourists looking forward to have a memorable New Year, this resort would be the right place to be in.

St. Andrew's Church in Alleppey

Alleppey has become a favourite travel destination of tourists visiting Kerala, who keep coming frequently to unwind on its sandy beaches and amazing backwaters. It is called Alappuzha by locals, and this region has plenty of attractions in store for tourists. The moment they step into this fabulous tourist spot, lush green coconut palms can be seen all around. Green farms and tiny villages have people engaged in various activities, a sight which would make it seem as if being in a totally different world. 

St. Andrew's Church in Alleppey
Churches of Kerala have beautiful architecture and catch the attention of anyone who passes through them. But, it is St. Andrew’s Church in Alleppey that attracts a large number of tourists and devotees, including people from other faiths. It was built by the Portuguese in 16th century, which makes it one of the oldest churches in India. Devotees visit this church to offer their gratitude for the saint who is believed to have certain powers to heal believers. 

Tourists coming to this region every year, never miss this great church as it is one of the main tourist attractions in Alleppey worth paying a visit. Offering prayers in this church and being in its surroundings would be a very divine experience. This holy site is located in a small village in Alleppey called Arthunkal which is about 22 kilometres from the town. This village has many facilities, including a small shopping centre and major banks. Tourists can also find a road that leads to nearby beach where they can have a wonderful time.

Popular beaches in Kerala

Alongside south-west coastline of India, Kerala is one of the most scenic regions in the world.  This region termed as God’s own country sees millions of tourists visit this beautiful regions time and time again. This region also list in as the Traveler magazine in top 10 places to visit during lifetime. One could find lots of tourist attractions in this beautiful state and off the lots beaches are the ones that are flocked by majority of tourists. Beaches here can be compared to other beautiful beaches across the world. We have mentioned some of the beaches with beautiful coasts which are worth a visit during your Kerala vacations.

Alleppey Beach
Alappuzha: A popular city known also well known for its lagoons, canals, rivers is a famous tourist spot. The beaches here are long and one could take a long stroll in this beach without being disturbed by any locals.

Kovalam: One of the most crowded and popular beaches in Kerala, Kovalam is located close to Trivandrum. The beach has a crescent shape which makes it an ideal spot for different water related sports and activities. The beach is so famous that the nearby areas are covered with luxury resorts, shopping centers and massage parlors. A best way to enjoy the beach is to take a massage under the golden Sun on the white sand; a perfect adobe for tourists who needs a vacation in paradise.

Varkala:  Another popular beach located near Trivandrum. The beach also offers tourist many scopes for water sports. Tourist can even sunbathe in this beach. Those who need some break time from the beach can venture out to explore Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple and Nature Care Centre which are very close to proximity. 

Beypore:  This beach is very close to Calicut and is one of the largest fishing harbors in the state. One could see magnificent view of the Arabian Sea. The local fishermen going on with their business in a very serious manner is again a thing to watch out for, specially their songs. The beach is at the mouth of Chliyar River.
Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach: It is the only drive-in beach in Kerala. This beach is very long and one could see the north-end of the Kannur beach from the coast. There is also a beautiful island to the south of the beach called Green Island.

Cherai: Located in Vypin Island, this scenic beach is close to the developed city of Kochi. A beach with golden sand is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Beautiful lagoons, canals and rivers are other beautiful attractions in this city. Even this city is laced up with many luxury health resorts and cottage.

Ezhimala: This beach is just about 38 km from Kannur and has a hillock. Lord Buddha is believed to visit this place and it is considered as a spot of historical importance. Travelers can enjoy the sightseeing of this clustered hills and flourishing sea port and an old mosque in there.

It is not an inclusive list, there are also many other popular beaches. The only advice is to if you are visiting Kerala, make sure you at least spent two to three weeks. It is only then you could explore the real beauty of God’s own country.

Diwali 2012 celebration in Alleppey

All of us here are waiting for Deepavali, the festival of lights. Like every year even this year we would be celebrating eco-friendly Deepavali. Eco-friendly crackers are made of recycled paper and are based on vacuum combustion method which makes sure that the crackers emit less smoke and noise. 

Apart from bursting these eco-friendly crackers we would also decorate our sea resort with beautifully illuminated lights. Alleppey as you all know that is known for the backwaters and luxury houseboats. The sight of beautifully decorated houseboat on the backwaters under the shinning moonlight is the one which many wishes to see from their own eyes. You can enjoy your Diwali celebrations 2012 in Alleppey by enjoying the scenic beauty of God’s own country, Kerala. This is the period when people take time out from their busy schedule and plan good long vacations with their loved ones. Alleppey is known as the Venice of the East and the reason being beautiful picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons.
Diwali 2012 in Karnala
Popular attractions near Alleppey include Kuttanad, Karumadi, Krishnapuram Palace, Kayamkulam Lake, Pandavan Rock, Chavaran Bhawan, Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple, Edathua Church, Mullakkal Rajeshwari Temple, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple and Vembanad Lake. Visit Alleppey and you would be amazed with the best Diwali vacations you ever had.

Things to explore in Alleppey

Every tourist destination has its own charm, likewise the charm of Alleppey is concealed in its simplicity and its beautiful location blessed by nature. The tourists get mesmerized by its serenity and tranquility. There are many beautiful places to see in Alleppey like backwaters, beaches, gardens, palaces, ancient temples, churches, and wild life sanctuaries. The one hundred forty years old pier on the beach is the unique attraction.

The best things to see in Alleppey are Krishnapuram Palace built by King Marthanda Varma. This monument is mainly famous for its architecture and mural paintings. The biggest mural painting of the state called Gajendra Moksham can be viewed here. This palace is converted to a museum and antique sculptures, bronzes and paintings are displayed in it. The palace is the best example of Kerala architecture. Kuttanad region is another best place to visit. Tourists can get indulged in beauty of the place which can be accessed from different places on National high away from Harippad to Alappuzha town. The Alappuzha Changanesserry road which passes through the center of this region, is offering great insight into the lush green paddy fields and extrinsic local life. Among the ancient monuments Ambalapuzha Temple is well known for its daily offerings.

Best way to view the beautiful landscape of the region is to take a backwater cruise, which will give you opportunity to view the temples, churches, historic monuments and many other attractions on the banks. At Panoramic Sea Resort in Alleppey, we can take care of your cruise and houseboat bookings and help you in exploring this beautiful destination to its full capacity. Our resort being in vicinity of the backwaters and beach, it will be convenient for you to visit the beautiful places of this region. The resort provides everything from superb accommodation, tasty food to indoor recreation and satisfactory guidance.