Onam Festival in Kerala

Kerala is the cultural and historic hotspot of India. It has a long history and unique culture which is formed by mixing many diverse cultures in to a single Odyssey called Kerala. Its culture is bestowed with many festivals providing a means of celebration for every one. Onam festival is biggest and most important festival of the state celebrated in Malayalam month of Chingam. This ten day long festival in Kerala is a great opportunity to celebrate for all age groups and especially ladies in the house who are busy with the preparations prior to the arrival of this festival. During Thiruonam a majestic feast called Onasadya, which is a nine course meal including around thirteen dishes is gracefully prepared. The exotic meal is served on a banana leaf.

Onam being a harvest festival everyone is in a cheering celebrative mood, men join the boat races held during this festival. Women are engrossed in decorating the houses and preparing the special food for the festival. There are other means of celebrations like playing traditional sports Ambeyyal, Kutukutu and combats called Kayyankali and Attakalam. Great designs of flower mats are prepared at the entrance of the houses to welcome King Mahabali who is supposed to visit his kingdom during this festival. Cultural dances and folk performances add to the gusto of the celebrations.  

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