New Year 2014 Celebrations In Alleppey

Alleppey is called Alappuzha by the local population, and is a famous travel destination that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. It was referred to as 'Venice of the East' by Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of British India, on his visit to Kerala during the early twentieth century. Every year, the shifting of sandbank after the monsoon season brings huge quantity of prawns and fish. It is of great help to the local economy, and is also a festive season for its people. The event celebrations in Alappuzha are held in a grand manner, and people arrive in large numbers from distant places to witness these events.

New Year Celebrations 2014 in Alleppey
People belonging to different religions, such as, Hindus, Christians and Muslims, have lived harmoniously in Alleppey since ages. This is the reason why all the festivals are celebrated with great zest in this part of the world. The New Year celebrations in Alleppey are enjoyed by people of all communities, as they indulge in great festivities on this occasion. Tourists would have a wonderful opportunity of tasting some fabulous delicacies that are prepared for the New Year. Parties are held at different locations in Alappuzha on New Year's Eve, with lots of music, dance and fireworks. It is also an excellent time for many families to meet their loved ones and have a grand feast together. The New Year Celebrations 2014 is also expected to be a big event, as it has been all these years. People of Alleppey and many of the hotels and resorts have already began preparing for the New Year celebrations.

Tourists coming to Alappuzha in mid-December would get a chance to witness the grand celebrations of Christmas and New Year in this region. Many of the hotels and resorts in Alleppey offer comfortable accommodations for travellers, that are designed to make their stay pleasant and memorable. One such resort is Panoramic Sea Resort, which not only offers air-conditioned cottages for their guests, but also provides rejuvenating massages in its Ayurvedic Massage Centre. Other facilities in this resort include a multi-cuisine restaurant, well-maintained swimming pool, laundry services, travel desk and a recreation room.

Christmas Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey is the classic backwater destination in Kerala with a wide variety of tourist activities available at its shores and backwaters. Tourists are literally pouring in Alleppey during the peak tourist season. Visitors coming to Alleppey during Christmas enjoy an excellent time at the beaches of Alleppey. Christmas celebrations in Alleppey are vibrant but traditional. Celebrating a festival under the open sky and twinkling stars is a totally glamorous experience at this destination.
Christmas Celebrations in Alleppey
Christmas the festival of joy, religious sentiments and hope is celebrated in a traditional way at Alleppey beach side. Instead of imported Christmas trees local craftsman make garlands out of marigold and jasmine and these garlands are used as beautiful Christmas decorations. Even westerners get surprised with the idea of celebrating Christmas at the sunny beaches. As the sun goes down the party gears up with introduction of best sea food at the backdrop of local classical music. As the day advances the beach becomes a playground with families enjoying kite flying and many other beach games. At midnight the beach vibrates with bursting crackers and the sky becomes bright with its colors.

Hotels and resorts in Alleppey are arranging exclusive Christmas celebrations, so that the tourists at this destination may feel homely. Special food is prepared in the hotels and resorts which are accompanied with cultural events and competitions. Christmas is normally celebrated in two ways in Alleppey. Christian population of the city celebrate it in a traditional way while non Christians celebrate it in a more entertaining way with introduction of special events, festive food and an outing to have fun. A gift from Santa is the most interesting part for children in Alleppey. Christmas is marked with some of the fascinating events in Alleppey.

Our Panoramic sea resort in Alleppey takes this occasion of Christmas as the best opportunity to serve its guests by creating a festive mood in the sea resort. This festive period is the best to witness unique Christmas event in Alleppey resorts.  Our resort located in an idealistic location near the beach provides a romantic ambience for the tourists, who are coming to enjoy a few days at the backwater locations. It has a dual comfort of a serene location amidst the swaying palms, having all the modern amenities which the visitors are looking for. Come to our sea resort during Christmas and experience a unique array of events in Alappuzha.

Best Beach Resorts Near Alleppey

Alleppey is a popular tourist destination in Kerala well known for its backwaters and many other activities ranging from leisure to adventure. Alleppey or Alappuzha meaning land of mighty rivers is a piece of land sandwiched between the Arabian Sea on one side and a bunch of rivers on the other side. This delta like fertile land captivates the tourists with its scenic beauty and the large number of resorts near Alleppey.

Resort at Alleppey
Alleppey being a coastal region of Kerala tourism in the destination is mostly focused on beach activities as well as back water tourism. Naturally number of resorts and especially beach resorts in Allappuzha were established on the beach sides. Some of the residents of this place having huge properties on the seashore or beachfront developed those facilities into resorts which were more of a traditional touch serving the local as well as outside visitors with their traditional ways of hospitality. These resorts were managed at family levels and were satisfied with influx of limited visitors. As the destination started becoming more popular many professionally managed resorts like our United-21 sea resort Alleppey, started making their appearance in the vicinity of the beach. We at United-21 resort Alleppey have maintained a balance between the traditionally managed and professionally managed resorts. It is tucked at a strategic location near the beach on the background of lush greenery and in the vicinity of the many popular sightseeing attractions of the region. Our resort can be conveniently reached from many places in Kerala by road or by domestic flights.

United-21 boasts a number of extra facilities like Ayurvedic massage center, swimming pool, recreation rooms, and spacious rooms and suites to stay while on a tour of Alleppey. Attention of our experienced staff and the support provided to unravel your travel related queries will make you feel like a special guest at our resort. With a zest to provide better service and pay timely attention to the guest requests United-21 sea resort in Alleppey has gained a reputation of one of the best resorts in Alappuzha beach.

Diwali celebrations in Alleppey

Diwali among other local festivals is one of the prime festivals celebrated in Alleppey. At Panoramic resort in Alleppey, we arrange many cultural and entertainment events for our visitors who are arriving here from many different places in India and abroad. This year we invite visitors and residents of Alleppey to witness a grand event of Diwali celebrations in our sea resort at Alleppey during first week of November.

Our resort will be dazzling with these celebrations during first week of November, which is the best time to visit nearby attractions in Alleppey due to moderate weather and cool breezes in the day time. During this week entire resort will be decorated with colorful illuminations, decorations and beautiful Diwali clay lamps. Specially prepared Diwali sweets will be on top of the menu at resorts own restaurant. In order to fulfill the desires of residents of this city special South-Indian festival food dishes will be prepared by our expert chefs who are master in preparing Indian as well as continental dishes. The guests will be offered with different food varieties during this week. Evenings will be celebrated by introducing traditional music played by local artists. And the most auspicious among all these happenings will be the dinner arranged in the background of deemed lights, which will be an identical experience of Diwali celebrations in Alleppey. Visitors interested in outdoors will be taken for a round trip of the city and some of its popular tourist attractions which are brightened with twinkling lights of Diwali lanterns. Alleppey is blessed with nature’s bounty and festivals in Allappuzha are mostly marked with religious and cultural activities. Whereas festivals celebrated in Kerala are a mix of traditions, cultural and folk art presentations.

Visiting Alleppey during Diwali festival will be more advantageous as this is the time, when the city starts getting cooled down offering a soothing climate and interesting vacation period. This is the perfect time for the honeymooners, beach lovers as well as the backwater explorers who enjoy a sumptuous time at these serene locations. We invite you all to visit our sea resort in Alleppey and witness Diwali celebrations backed with a touch of hospitality.

Onam Sadhya 2013 Celebrations at Panoramic Sea Resort

Panoramic Sea resort, Alleppey is pleased to announce an exotic event in Kerala called “Onam Sadhya 2013” celebrations starting from 14th September which will be continued till 16th of September at Panaromic sea resort in Alleppey. Sadhya simply meaning a traditional vegetarian meal or a banquet in Malyalam language is a unique food feast of Kerala.

Onam Sadhya Celebrations in Alleppey
Onam is the most popular national festival celebrated in Kerala with state level holiday declared for four days. In order to welcome king Mahabali during this harvest festival, we have organized this Sadhya on coming Onam. We would like to welcome you along with your families and friends to our resort in Alleppey located centrally amidst palms and golden sands. The Onam Sadhya will be served in our multi cuisine restaurant offering exclusive views of the surroundings. While enjoying the festival meals you can discover more about the resort from our friendly staff. Make the best of coming Onam vacations by visiting the three days celebrations in Alleppey. Enjoy the taste of this special food served on a banana leaf during the festival, which will double your enjoyment of this incredible festival. Sadhya is a nice blend of the main dish which is boiled rice, combined with many delicious dishes served together called Kootan. We are including a large variety of Kerala delicacies like Banana chips, Sambar, Olan, Avail, Erussery, Pachadi, Ada Pradaman, Sarkkara Puratty, Inji Curry, Kichiti, Thoran, Pullissery, Payasam and Rasam in these special meals. The uniqueness of Sadhya lies in its number of dishes around twenty four to twenty eight dishes served as a single course. The main course will be supported by Payasam the desert made from rice with a delectable taste. The dishes will be prepared from pure coconut oil and fresh coconut milk will be used in the preparation of some of the dishes in main course. 

Onam festival in alleppey is celebrated vibrantly with lots of pomp and fervor, when the residents are visiting temples and places of worship. Whereas migrant people from other states also celebrate the festival by preparing huge designs of flowers, dancing, getting Onam kits and enjoying an exclusive Onsadhya.

Top five places to visit in Alleppey

Alleppey the prime tourist destination of Kerala state in India preserves wonderful past and foresees a bright future as the favored tourist destination of Kerala. It has turned out to be a majestic destination because of its incredible tourist potential adorned with crystal clear lagoons. Canals lined with palms, shores bustling with glimpses of local life and above all backwaters offering a scenic panorama and quaint ambience. Alleppey will introduce you to the treasures of nature concealed in its many splendid places to visit. Among the many attractive places to visit in Alleppey, the top five places to visit are:

Vembanad Lake

This is the biggest lake and a prime tourist place in Alleppey district. This vast lake is popular by different names in each district. Identical feature of the lake is that it is divided into two parts by the salt barrier. The lake highlights most talked about asset of Kerala tourism i.e. alleppey backwaters. Vembanad Lake villas are the ultimate places to drop in while you are on a tour of Alleppey. While staying at the villas one can get scenic views of the banks of the lake adorned with lush green vegetation, coconut plantations and many other trees like pineapples, mangoes and banana.

Alleppey Beach

Alleppey beach is another dazzling attraction of this region and one of the favorites of tourists visiting the district of Allappuzha. This fine sandy beach is beautifully located near Arabian Sea with many beautiful lakes, lagoons and water bodies neighboring it. Lots of entertaining venues like children’s park, historic lighthouse are the all-time favorites of the beach lovers. The beach offers many interesting activities like parasailing and wind surfing. The clear waters of the beach invite beach hunters for an enjoying dip accompanied by the warmth of the beach. Long stretched beach front is best for beach sports and family fun games.

Krishnapuram Palace

Tourists who are interested in visiting historical places find the Krishnapuram Palace as one of the explicit place to visit, which is the best specimen of Kerala style of architecture. This palace is adorned with narrow corridors and dormer windows. This one time residence of the king of Kayamkulam kingdom is now preserved as an archaeological museum. Major attraction of the palace is the mural painting of Gajendra Moksham one of the largest in the state.

St. Andrew's church

This historic church built in 1866 is one of the most popular churches. It is a Scottish Presbyterian church built for the use of Scottish officers and their families. A few additions like a pipe organ installed in 1881 and a clock tower allure the visitors.

Ambalappuzha Krishna temple

Located just twelve km from the city center this ancient temple of Lord Krishna is popular among the locals as well as the tourists visiting this region. Very much popular for its Kerala style architecture and the sweet called payasam prepared from rice, which is distributed among the people present in the temple.

Alleppey tourism revolves mostly around the lakes and backwaters. While visiting these beautiful places in Alleppey you have lots of options of accommodations to select from the hotels, resorts and cottages. Experience the charm of the destination by staying in our Panoramic sea resort beautifully located in the vicinity of beach and the railway station. The resort is having all those amenities and facilities for enjoying a perfect beach vacation.

Travel guide to visit Alleppey

Alleppey is the dream destination of travelers and a historical place sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Vembanad Lake. It is a prospering tourist destination of South India offering different types of water bodies like lakes, lagoons and network of canals giving it a splendid look. Alleppey tourism is gifted with a tranquil landscape of lush green paddy fields, rivers, canals, backwaters offering stay on houseboats and above all the intrinsic site seeing activities.

Alleppey or Alappuzha
Alleppey has a flourishing coir business passed on traditionally from one generation to the other. This place with many attractions and stunning natural beauty is also a popular honeymoon destination. Best way of celebrating a joyous honeymoon in Alleppey is to take a cruise on the lake or stay on a houseboat which offers all the facilities and an explicit experience of the backwaters. Cruise in the lake takes you to the different locations, while passing by the tiny villages on the banks of the river which are filled with immense pleasure. Surrounding densely forested area, lakes and rivers offer a chance to view the incredible bird life of the region. Alleppey located on the coastal region has a humid climate throughout the year, with pleasant winters and dry sunny summers. Best time to visit this destination is between the months of September to March. Ideal months for sightseeing are August to November with moderate temperatures. Apart from this there are many occasions, events and festival time to be enjoyed here. How to reach Alleppey is not a big issue even for those who are travelling the place for the first time. Alleppey can be reached by air from Cochin which is located at around eighty five km. City of Alleppey has its own railway station which is connected to the major cities of Kerala and other states by rail network. Kerala has a good network of roadways and hence Alleppey can be conveniently reached by road as well. Alleppey’s distance by road to some of the major nearby cities can be stated as follows. Alleppey-Trivandrum road distance is one hundred fifty km. Alleppey-Cochin road distance is just fifty three km.

Alleppey is the jewel in the crown of Kerala tourism and has many tourists’ attractions to explore. Visit our Panoramic sea resort in Alleppey for a comfortable stay and explore the treasures of the destination to its maximum capacity. Enjoy your stay in our resort which is supported with multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, and luxury accommodations.

Krishnapuram Palace In Alleppey

The kings of Travancore had played an important role in the history of Alleppey, and tourists travelling to this district can know more about them by visiting the Krishnapuram Palace located in Kayamkulam town. It was built during the 18th century by a Travancore king known as Marthanda Varma. Maintained by the Archaeological Department of Kerala in recent times, it contains various exhibits that helps visitors know more about its architecture, and rulers who occupied it in the past. The present structure was renovated by the state's Archaeological Department during 1950s according to scientific techniques used for the protection of heritage buildings.
Krishnapuram Palace In Alappuzha
Visitors would notice a typical Keralite architecture while exploring this palace's exteriors and interiors. Complete with gabled roofs and narrow corridors, its complex had a total land area of 56 acres. Among all the Alleppey attractions visited by tourists, this palace provides its visitors with a glimpse into Kerala's glorious past. The present structure has 16 blocks with open area in the courtyards, while its 22 rooms have ornamental wooden partitions. In recent times, the palace functions as a museum with a variety of ancient paintings, wooden artifacts, coins, stone sculptures and many other items. A 3-metre high mural painting of 'Gajendra Moksham' is the most fascinating of all exhibits.

People who visit Alleppey are always in search of a comfortable place to stay during their vacation spent in this region. Many of the tourist places in Alleppey have excellent hotels and resorts located near them. Among them is Panoramic Sea Resort, a good choice for any tourist looking out for an affordable accommodation while holidaying in this region. It has all the modern facilities designed for a pleasant stay of its guests. Multi-cuisine restaurant, conference hall, swimming pool and an Ayurvedic Massage Centre are among the amenities provided by this resort.

Labour Day Celebration in Alleppey

The 1st of May is of great significance for the people of Kerala as it is celebrated as International Labour Day worldwide. Political leaders in this state of India have always supported the cause of workers and called for labour reforms. As in many other parts of the world, people working in public and private organizations enjoy a holiday on this occasion. Many of them choose to relax and spend quality time with their families, while others participate in various functions that are held on this day. The celebration of this occasion in Alleppey is no different from the celebrations that are held across many other parts of the state.

As this day is a public holiday in India, people of Alleppey have a good reason to have fun and visit some of the most interesting places of this region. The Alleppey Beach is a popular spot for tourists as well as locals to spend some wonderful moments during weekends or holidays. But, it is the backwaters of this region that find favour among most of the people as they can witness some fabulous sights while making a journey through them on houseboats. There are many other popular places, such as temples, that are visited by people during their holiday along with their entire families. Public functions are held for Labour Day celebration in Alleppey at several places and they get a huge response from many people.

Panoramic Sea Resort located in Alleppey can be an excellent choice, both for tourists visiting Kerala as well as locals to have a pleasant time. This resort is located close to the beach and offers comfortable accommodations in the form of air-conditioned cottages. All of them are also well-equipped with modern facilities and a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers delicious local treats as well as popular cuisines.

Alleppey Hotels and Resorts

Alleppey is one of the most charming travel destinations in Southern India, visited by numerous tourists every year. Travellers coming to this region instantly fall in love with the endless sights of swaying coconut palms and enchanting backwaters. Several lagoons, fresh water rivers and lakes add tremendous natural beauty to this region. Its proximity to the Arabian Sea had made it an important centre for trade in ancient times. Today, it has a flourishing coir industry and is an important centre for tourism. The Alleppey hotels and resorts provide comfortable accommodations for tourists, along with certain added amenities which make their stay pleasant and memorable.

Panoramic Sea Resort in Alleppey
Budget is a major cause of concern for many tourists who embark on a vacation to some of the most exotic locations in this world. They often search for budget hotels that offer them a chance to have big savings. There are many such hotels and resorts that tourists visiting Alleppey would come across when looking for an accommodation. While such hotels and resorts in Alleppey offer cheaper accommodations, they do not compromise on the comforts offered for their guests. Rooms of these Alleppey hotels are clean and provided with all the basic facilities required to have a pleasant stay. Guests staying in some of them would feel like being at home with freshly prepared food and great hospitality from the staff. Also, there are some Alleppey hotels and resorts that have various selections of dishes included in the meals for their guests.

There are many tourists who like to spend most of their time near beaches of a particular travel destination that they are visiting. A stay at a sea resort in Alleppey would give them the opportunity to be on sandy beaches whenever they feel like taking a walk. Such individuals would enjoy their stay in Panoramic Sea Resort, which is located very close to the beach in Alleppey. There are very few Alleppey hotels and resorts where tourists would have an opportunity to stay close to a beach. Also, the ayurvedic massages offered in this resort help the guests of Panoramic Sea Resort to stay healthy while enjoying their vacation.

Holi Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey is blessed with immense natural beauty, which is characterized by a vast network of lakes and freshwater rivers. Also called Alappuzha by locals, this region has a rich cultural heritage and celebrates its important festivals with great pomp and vigour. The Holi celebrations in Alleppey are not as extravagant as witnessed in many other parts of India; but a certain degree of uniqueness can definitely be noticed. Temples come alive with various rituals on this occasion, while the devotees line up for offering their prayers. Celebration of Holi in this part of the world is rather peaceful and pleasant.

South India follows a different legend when celebrating Holi in many of its regions. The legend of Kamadeva forms a basis for Holi celebrations in Alleppey and other parts of southern India. He is the God of love and passion, who had shot an arrow of love on Lord Shiva to diminish his interest in worldly affairs. But Lord Shiva was furious as he had been disturbed from deep meditation by this act and reduced Kamadeva to ashes. The Holi festival in Alappuzha also reminds of Rati, Kamadeva's wife, who requested Lord Shiva to restore her husband back and her wish was granted.

Many hotels and resorts in India come alive during the Holi celebrations, and tourists get a glimpse of local culture on such occasions. Staff of Panoramic Sea Resort in Alleppey entertains their guests with delicious preparations of local cuisines on this day. This resort is located close to the beach and is fully equipped with modern facilities, to provide a much more comfortable stay for guests. The unique Holi celebrations in Alleppey can be witnessed while enjoying a stay in this resort. Green surroundings along with a festive environment in the resort would definitely provide guests with some pleasant memories.

Alleppey Beach

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, has gained tremendous popularity among tourists from different parts of the world in recent times. Though there are many attractions, the beaches in Alleppey are preferred by many travellers for enjoying some relaxing moments away from the crowd. Set against the backdrop of lush green coconut palms, these Alleppey beaches offer the much needed serenity that visitors like to experience after going through some hectic schedules. While enjoying a stroll, tourists can also have some delicious food on Alleppey beach served in many of the restaurants that are located in the area.

Beach in Alleppey
Tourists love to indulge in various activities like surfing, swimming and Para-sailing while spending their time on beaches. There are ample opportunities for people visiting beaches in Alleppey to enjoy various activities. For entertaining children, there is a beach Park which offers boating facilities and toy train rides. The Alleppey beach is also popular among tourists for its marvelous view of sunset. Visitors can also find an ancient pier built by Captain Hugh Crawford in the year 1862. Though most of it lies in ruins today, it was held in high regard in the past for carrying out trading activities.

It is absolutely essential for beach lovers to have an accommodation that offers them the opportunity to take a walk on sandy beaches quite often. When it comes to resorts near beach in this part of the world, tourists often choose Panoramic Sea Resort for enjoying a memorable stay. It offers all types of modern facilities for guests along with several amenities like an Ayurvedic Massage Centre, where they can avail traditional massages that are extremely beneficial for their health. This resort is considered to be the best among ones near beaches in Alleppey in many other respects such as spacious lawns for weddings, travel-desk services and a multi-cuisine restaurant.

Pandavan Rock in Alleppey

Pandavan rock is the only historic place at Allleppey, which has mention in the mythological stories of Mahabharata. It is same location where pandavas made a home in the caves, while wandering in the jungles during exile. The place has gained dual importance historic as well as a beautiful picnic spot to explore during your Alleppey vacations. It is only place near Alleppey where you can go for a trek with many exceptional view points.

Pandavan Rock in Alleppey
It is an ideal picnic spot in the heart of the jungle where you can spend a relaxing day with your family. The cave has lost its shape with passage of time but there are huge rocks to be climbed which offer off-beat views of the surrounding hills forests and Kallada dam. Pandavan rock can be reached easily from Alleppey by taxi or auto to Urukunnu and from there a fascinating walk to the top of the hillock. It is an easy and enjoying trail.There are many other enthralling tourist attractions in Allappuzha like the amazing sunny beach which lies between Arabian Sea on one side and labyrinth of beautiful lakes, backwaters as well as freshwater rivers. Marari fisherman village is another great attraction for tourists at Marariculam. The village offers pure joy of mingling with the locals during the traditional fishing activities. The other splendid activities at Allappuzha include a memorable cruise ride, adventure activities like Kayaking and last but not the least surfing the incredible backwaters. Avail these beautiful tourist activities at Alleppey during your vacations.

We at Panoramic resort Alleppey will guide you to make your tour a grand celebration at this world class tourist destination. Our resort will welcome you with everything from charming accommodation amidst natural surroundings, a deserving food to satisfy your taste buds and total support you will need to explore Allppey in its true sense.

Popular beach resorts in Alappuzha

When rest of the backwater region was not much developed, Alleppey has records in history dating back to Sangam era when the Cheras made their base in Kuttanadu. This historically important place in the state of Kerala has undergone many transformations and reached a stage, where it is renowned as the most popular tourist destination of the state. The credit goes mostly to the places to visit including fine sandy beach where many beach activities can be enjoyed. There are ancestral properties near the beach developed in traditional ways as well as modern resorts offering you every bite of enjoyment and fun of the beach. 

Beach Resort in Alappuzha
The prime attractions of Alappuzha are Krishnapuram palace, Alleppey beach and Pathiramanal. The Krishnapuram palace located near Krishnaswamy temple is a monument protected by the department of archaeology and is the historic treasure of the district. Museum created in the palace displays bronze, stone and wood sculptures, coins, and megalithic remains. The palace is surrounded with well landscaped gardens, fountains and lawns. Alleppey beach one of the alluring tourist spot is a unique place to relish. The beach keeps its unique identity, because unlike other beaches in India it is lined with Arabian Sea on one side, at the same time it boasts beautiful lakes and lagoons on the other side. The long stretch of the beach is adorned with swinging palm trees standing beautifully along the shore. The beach is neighboured by a park for children and towering light house. 

Beach resorts in Alappuzha are best venues to enjoy zest of the beach and nearby region. Due to their proximity to the beach they are very much convenient for enjoying thrill of sun, sand and delicious cuisines of enticing seafood. Some of the resorts located in tranquil areas offer you total relaxation, where you will hear the roars of the sea or the murmur of the sea birds only. Location of our panoramic sea resort offers both serenity as well as nearness of places to visit. The resort offers everything from modern amenities to the traditional Kerala cuisine, Popular Kerala Ayurvedic massages and every comfort to relax.

Basant Panchami Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey is a famous tourist destination in Kerala state of India. Also called Alappuzha by locals, it is a fascinating place with amazing natural beauty and scenic backwaters that attracts plenty of travellers from different parts of the world every year. Every festival celebrated in Alleppey also draws large number of visitors owing to the grandeur exhibited during such events. Some of these festivities go on for an entire week, giving ample opportunities for residents as well as tourists to participate in them. Many of these festivals have elephants that are decorated with special ornaments that are kept ready for such occasions.

Basant Panchami Celebrations

A popular tourist attraction, Alleppey beach is spread over a vast area that comprises of powdery sands set against marvellous views of lush green palms of coconuts. An environment of tranquillity and peace prevails at this place, which can instantly produce a calming effect on the minds of its visitors. Many hotels and resorts are located at certain places near beach to celebrate festival in groups. Most of them are well-equipped with modern facilities that can make accommodation in them a pleasant experience for tourists. They can also enjoy delicious local cuisines that may be served during an Alappuzha festival in these hotels or resorts.

Beaches are always preferred by most of the tourists as they provide a sense of inner peace while spending some quality time away from busy schedules. A resort near beach for event celebration is also chosen by some who wish to make a particular occasion memorable. Festivals are usually celebrated in some beach resorts with great zest and special meals are served for guests as a part of such festivities. Important occasions such as Basant Panchami would have special items on the menu for guests other than the regular ones served for them at the time of lunch or dinner.

Resorts in Alleppey

Kerala can be described as the origin of Ayurveda, a great historical region rich in culture, art and architecture. Kerala tourism is blessed by the states superb location neighbored by Arabian Sea, Western Ghats and an astounding network of forty four rivers. Moderate climate, a long coastal area delighted with some of the finest sandy beaches and beautiful stretches of emerald backwaters. Other credits to this alluring destination are lush green hill stations, extrinsic wildlife, colorful festivals and delightful cuisine.

Panoramic Sea Resort
Alleppey or Alappuzha stands on the top of the list of amazing Kerala destinations which Is located on the edge of Ashtamudi Lake in proximity of the Arabian Sea, convolution of lakes, lagoons and rivers. Such diverse topography of this place and the exclusive backwaters maximize the chances of enjoying stupendous vacations at the destination. It is rich in every aspect of life like culture, medicine, festivals, art and architecture. The reputation of this once a small town of kerala known only for its flourishing coir industry, has reached distant places in the world.  This resulted in attracting local tourists along with large groups of international visitors flocking to the place. The word of incredible boat races held every year in Alleppey, has reached the corners of the tourist world. These major attractions of backwaters and boat races of Alleppey are diverting more tourist traffic to this city of lakes and lagoons.

This increasing number of tourist makes it compulsory for the prospective visitors to book their rooms prior to their arrival which can be done online also. With the growing number of visitors expecting better facilities of international standard, the resorts in Alleppey are always well prepared. Our Panoramic Sea resort in Alleppey welcomes everyone from adventure tourists, beach lovers, leisure tourists, businessmen on business visits to families coming to explore the incredible natural wonders of Alleppey and the whole of Kerala. We provide amazing facilities for an excellent stay in Alleppey along with many means of recreation supported with our team of Ayurvedic experts in massage and therapies.

Backwaters in Alappuzha

Popularity of Kerala tourism has reached great heights in a shorter period. Especially the backwaters of Alapuzha also called Alleppey are a great topic discussed among those who are interested to join a tour of some invigorating place.

Backwaters in Alleppey
The weather of Kerala is moderate and it is worth visiting through out the year, but regarding backwaters tour one has to avoid the rainy season. Kerala backwaters are charming and romantic between October and April. There were many options to select from the backwater destinations like Alappuzha, Kuttanad, Kottayam, Kollam, and Kumarkom. Famous backwaters in Alappuzha, hold the reputation as incredible backwater destination. There are a few tour packages developed specially to promote backwater tourism of Kerala. The traditional houseboat for cruising in the backwaters is the best means of enjoying immense treasure of backwaters in Alleppey. The place where the houseboats are stationed offers serenity and bounty of nature. Surrounding things are inspiring like crystal clear water, calm of the place and the call of the farmers shaping their herd of cattle. It is a fascinating experience for the city dwellers. The houseboats are classified into Premium, Deluxe and Traditional. A one bed room houseboat is quite sufficient for family of three. At centre of the houseboat there is open area for sitting and dining which offers astounding views of the countryside like coconut groves, ancient churches, temples, and most outstanding of all the attractive paddy fields touching the horizon. The backwater tour is a remarkable and unforgettable concept.

The backwater tour package offers a splendid accommodation in one of the hotels or resorts of Alleppey. Panoramic sea resort at Alleppey or Alappuzha is one such splendid resort located in the calm of this historic city with fantastic views of the roaring sea lined with beautiful palm trees. Our resort offers everything from luxurious accommodations, swimming pool, and indoor entertainment. A traditional Ayurveda centre offering herbal massages by some of the experts in the field are special attraction of our sea resort. We are offering various packages of Ayurvedic massages and therapies. Visit our resort to spend some memorable moments in Alleppey.

Republic Day Celebrations in Alleppey

The natural beauty of Alleppey continues to attract tourists who travel to this region from different parts of the world to cruise through its enchanting backwaters and unwind on its serene beaches. One of the largest cities of Kerala, it is believed to be an oldest planned town of the state. Lord Curzon, Viceroy of British India during the early twentieth century had described Alleppey as 'Venice of the East' on his visit to this region. Many festivals are celebrated in this marvellous tourist destination with great zest. But, the Republic Day celebrations in Alleppey have a special significance among its residents. On this occasion, sweets are distributed during social gatherings, while some prefer to stay indoors to watch live telecast of the Republic Day parade.

Republic Day Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey had its own share in the freedom struggle of India and also witnessed several movements until Kerala was formed as a separate state. Alleppey is also known as Alappuzha among locals, who are proud of its rich cultural heritage. Beautiful views can be enjoyed by tourists when they embark on a houseboat trip on its famous backwaters. Lush green coconut palms and vast paddy fields greet them on their way as they savour some of the blessings that nature has showered on this region.

When it comes to comfortable accommodations, tourists would have plenty of choices in terms of hotels and resorts. They not only provide excellent rooms or suites, but also offer an opportunity for guests to get involved in its traditions and culture. Some of the hotels even celebrate popular events and festivals. Tourists staying in such a hotel celebrate Republic Day along with the staff and other guests, if they happen to book their accommodation around 26th of January. Participating in these celebrations would give them many pleasant memories to cherish for a very long time.