Basant Panchami Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey is a famous tourist destination in Kerala state of India. Also called Alappuzha by locals, it is a fascinating place with amazing natural beauty and scenic backwaters that attracts plenty of travellers from different parts of the world every year. Every festival celebrated in Alleppey also draws large number of visitors owing to the grandeur exhibited during such events. Some of these festivities go on for an entire week, giving ample opportunities for residents as well as tourists to participate in them. Many of these festivals have elephants that are decorated with special ornaments that are kept ready for such occasions.

Basant Panchami Celebrations

A popular tourist attraction, Alleppey beach is spread over a vast area that comprises of powdery sands set against marvellous views of lush green palms of coconuts. An environment of tranquillity and peace prevails at this place, which can instantly produce a calming effect on the minds of its visitors. Many hotels and resorts are located at certain places near beach to celebrate festival in groups. Most of them are well-equipped with modern facilities that can make accommodation in them a pleasant experience for tourists. They can also enjoy delicious local cuisines that may be served during an Alappuzha festival in these hotels or resorts.

Beaches are always preferred by most of the tourists as they provide a sense of inner peace while spending some quality time away from busy schedules. A resort near beach for event celebration is also chosen by some who wish to make a particular occasion memorable. Festivals are usually celebrated in some beach resorts with great zest and special meals are served for guests as a part of such festivities. Important occasions such as Basant Panchami would have special items on the menu for guests other than the regular ones served for them at the time of lunch or dinner.