Onam Sadhya 2013 Celebrations at Panoramic Sea Resort

Panoramic Sea resort, Alleppey is pleased to announce an exotic event in Kerala called “Onam Sadhya 2013” celebrations starting from 14th September which will be continued till 16th of September at Panaromic sea resort in Alleppey. Sadhya simply meaning a traditional vegetarian meal or a banquet in Malyalam language is a unique food feast of Kerala.

Onam Sadhya Celebrations in Alleppey
Onam is the most popular national festival celebrated in Kerala with state level holiday declared for four days. In order to welcome king Mahabali during this harvest festival, we have organized this Sadhya on coming Onam. We would like to welcome you along with your families and friends to our resort in Alleppey located centrally amidst palms and golden sands. The Onam Sadhya will be served in our multi cuisine restaurant offering exclusive views of the surroundings. While enjoying the festival meals you can discover more about the resort from our friendly staff. Make the best of coming Onam vacations by visiting the three days celebrations in Alleppey. Enjoy the taste of this special food served on a banana leaf during the festival, which will double your enjoyment of this incredible festival. Sadhya is a nice blend of the main dish which is boiled rice, combined with many delicious dishes served together called Kootan. We are including a large variety of Kerala delicacies like Banana chips, Sambar, Olan, Avail, Erussery, Pachadi, Ada Pradaman, Sarkkara Puratty, Inji Curry, Kichiti, Thoran, Pullissery, Payasam and Rasam in these special meals. The uniqueness of Sadhya lies in its number of dishes around twenty four to twenty eight dishes served as a single course. The main course will be supported by Payasam the desert made from rice with a delectable taste. The dishes will be prepared from pure coconut oil and fresh coconut milk will be used in the preparation of some of the dishes in main course. 

Onam festival in alleppey is celebrated vibrantly with lots of pomp and fervor, when the residents are visiting temples and places of worship. Whereas migrant people from other states also celebrate the festival by preparing huge designs of flowers, dancing, getting Onam kits and enjoying an exclusive Onsadhya.