Holi Celebrations in Alleppey

Alleppey is blessed with immense natural beauty, which is characterized by a vast network of lakes and freshwater rivers. Also called Alappuzha by locals, this region has a rich cultural heritage and celebrates its important festivals with great pomp and vigour. The Holi celebrations in Alleppey are not as extravagant as witnessed in many other parts of India; but a certain degree of uniqueness can definitely be noticed. Temples come alive with various rituals on this occasion, while the devotees line up for offering their prayers. Celebration of Holi in this part of the world is rather peaceful and pleasant.

South India follows a different legend when celebrating Holi in many of its regions. The legend of Kamadeva forms a basis for Holi celebrations in Alleppey and other parts of southern India. He is the God of love and passion, who had shot an arrow of love on Lord Shiva to diminish his interest in worldly affairs. But Lord Shiva was furious as he had been disturbed from deep meditation by this act and reduced Kamadeva to ashes. The Holi festival in Alappuzha also reminds of Rati, Kamadeva's wife, who requested Lord Shiva to restore her husband back and her wish was granted.

Many hotels and resorts in India come alive during the Holi celebrations, and tourists get a glimpse of local culture on such occasions. Staff of Panoramic Sea Resort in Alleppey entertains their guests with delicious preparations of local cuisines on this day. This resort is located close to the beach and is fully equipped with modern facilities, to provide a much more comfortable stay for guests. The unique Holi celebrations in Alleppey can be witnessed while enjoying a stay in this resort. Green surroundings along with a festive environment in the resort would definitely provide guests with some pleasant memories.

Alleppey Beach

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, has gained tremendous popularity among tourists from different parts of the world in recent times. Though there are many attractions, the beaches in Alleppey are preferred by many travellers for enjoying some relaxing moments away from the crowd. Set against the backdrop of lush green coconut palms, these Alleppey beaches offer the much needed serenity that visitors like to experience after going through some hectic schedules. While enjoying a stroll, tourists can also have some delicious food on Alleppey beach served in many of the restaurants that are located in the area.

Beach in Alleppey
Tourists love to indulge in various activities like surfing, swimming and Para-sailing while spending their time on beaches. There are ample opportunities for people visiting beaches in Alleppey to enjoy various activities. For entertaining children, there is a beach Park which offers boating facilities and toy train rides. The Alleppey beach is also popular among tourists for its marvelous view of sunset. Visitors can also find an ancient pier built by Captain Hugh Crawford in the year 1862. Though most of it lies in ruins today, it was held in high regard in the past for carrying out trading activities.

It is absolutely essential for beach lovers to have an accommodation that offers them the opportunity to take a walk on sandy beaches quite often. When it comes to resorts near beach in this part of the world, tourists often choose Panoramic Sea Resort for enjoying a memorable stay. It offers all types of modern facilities for guests along with several amenities like an Ayurvedic Massage Centre, where they can avail traditional massages that are extremely beneficial for their health. This resort is considered to be the best among ones near beaches in Alleppey in many other respects such as spacious lawns for weddings, travel-desk services and a multi-cuisine restaurant.