Labour Day Celebration in Alleppey

The 1st of May is of great significance for the people of Kerala as it is celebrated as International Labour Day worldwide. Political leaders in this state of India have always supported the cause of workers and called for labour reforms. As in many other parts of the world, people working in public and private organizations enjoy a holiday on this occasion. Many of them choose to relax and spend quality time with their families, while others participate in various functions that are held on this day. The celebration of this occasion in Alleppey is no different from the celebrations that are held across many other parts of the state.

As this day is a public holiday in India, people of Alleppey have a good reason to have fun and visit some of the most interesting places of this region. The Alleppey Beach is a popular spot for tourists as well as locals to spend some wonderful moments during weekends or holidays. But, it is the backwaters of this region that find favour among most of the people as they can witness some fabulous sights while making a journey through them on houseboats. There are many other popular places, such as temples, that are visited by people during their holiday along with their entire families. Public functions are held for Labour Day celebration in Alleppey at several places and they get a huge response from many people.

Panoramic Sea Resort located in Alleppey can be an excellent choice, both for tourists visiting Kerala as well as locals to have a pleasant time. This resort is located close to the beach and offers comfortable accommodations in the form of air-conditioned cottages. All of them are also well-equipped with modern facilities and a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers delicious local treats as well as popular cuisines.

Alleppey Hotels and Resorts

Alleppey is one of the most charming travel destinations in Southern India, visited by numerous tourists every year. Travellers coming to this region instantly fall in love with the endless sights of swaying coconut palms and enchanting backwaters. Several lagoons, fresh water rivers and lakes add tremendous natural beauty to this region. Its proximity to the Arabian Sea had made it an important centre for trade in ancient times. Today, it has a flourishing coir industry and is an important centre for tourism. The Alleppey hotels and resorts provide comfortable accommodations for tourists, along with certain added amenities which make their stay pleasant and memorable.

Panoramic Sea Resort in Alleppey
Budget is a major cause of concern for many tourists who embark on a vacation to some of the most exotic locations in this world. They often search for budget hotels that offer them a chance to have big savings. There are many such hotels and resorts that tourists visiting Alleppey would come across when looking for an accommodation. While such hotels and resorts in Alleppey offer cheaper accommodations, they do not compromise on the comforts offered for their guests. Rooms of these Alleppey hotels are clean and provided with all the basic facilities required to have a pleasant stay. Guests staying in some of them would feel like being at home with freshly prepared food and great hospitality from the staff. Also, there are some Alleppey hotels and resorts that have various selections of dishes included in the meals for their guests.

There are many tourists who like to spend most of their time near beaches of a particular travel destination that they are visiting. A stay at a sea resort in Alleppey would give them the opportunity to be on sandy beaches whenever they feel like taking a walk. Such individuals would enjoy their stay in Panoramic Sea Resort, which is located very close to the beach in Alleppey. There are very few Alleppey hotels and resorts where tourists would have an opportunity to stay close to a beach. Also, the ayurvedic massages offered in this resort help the guests of Panoramic Sea Resort to stay healthy while enjoying their vacation.