Top five places to visit in Alleppey

Alleppey the prime tourist destination of Kerala state in India preserves wonderful past and foresees a bright future as the favored tourist destination of Kerala. It has turned out to be a majestic destination because of its incredible tourist potential adorned with crystal clear lagoons. Canals lined with palms, shores bustling with glimpses of local life and above all backwaters offering a scenic panorama and quaint ambience. Alleppey will introduce you to the treasures of nature concealed in its many splendid places to visit. Among the many attractive places to visit in Alleppey, the top five places to visit are:

Vembanad Lake

This is the biggest lake and a prime tourist place in Alleppey district. This vast lake is popular by different names in each district. Identical feature of the lake is that it is divided into two parts by the salt barrier. The lake highlights most talked about asset of Kerala tourism i.e. alleppey backwaters. Vembanad Lake villas are the ultimate places to drop in while you are on a tour of Alleppey. While staying at the villas one can get scenic views of the banks of the lake adorned with lush green vegetation, coconut plantations and many other trees like pineapples, mangoes and banana.

Alleppey Beach

Alleppey beach is another dazzling attraction of this region and one of the favorites of tourists visiting the district of Allappuzha. This fine sandy beach is beautifully located near Arabian Sea with many beautiful lakes, lagoons and water bodies neighboring it. Lots of entertaining venues like children’s park, historic lighthouse are the all-time favorites of the beach lovers. The beach offers many interesting activities like parasailing and wind surfing. The clear waters of the beach invite beach hunters for an enjoying dip accompanied by the warmth of the beach. Long stretched beach front is best for beach sports and family fun games.

Krishnapuram Palace

Tourists who are interested in visiting historical places find the Krishnapuram Palace as one of the explicit place to visit, which is the best specimen of Kerala style of architecture. This palace is adorned with narrow corridors and dormer windows. This one time residence of the king of Kayamkulam kingdom is now preserved as an archaeological museum. Major attraction of the palace is the mural painting of Gajendra Moksham one of the largest in the state.

St. Andrew's church

This historic church built in 1866 is one of the most popular churches. It is a Scottish Presbyterian church built for the use of Scottish officers and their families. A few additions like a pipe organ installed in 1881 and a clock tower allure the visitors.

Ambalappuzha Krishna temple

Located just twelve km from the city center this ancient temple of Lord Krishna is popular among the locals as well as the tourists visiting this region. Very much popular for its Kerala style architecture and the sweet called payasam prepared from rice, which is distributed among the people present in the temple.

Alleppey tourism revolves mostly around the lakes and backwaters. While visiting these beautiful places in Alleppey you have lots of options of accommodations to select from the hotels, resorts and cottages. Experience the charm of the destination by staying in our Panoramic sea resort beautifully located in the vicinity of beach and the railway station. The resort is having all those amenities and facilities for enjoying a perfect beach vacation.

Travel guide to visit Alleppey

Alleppey is the dream destination of travelers and a historical place sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Vembanad Lake. It is a prospering tourist destination of South India offering different types of water bodies like lakes, lagoons and network of canals giving it a splendid look. Alleppey tourism is gifted with a tranquil landscape of lush green paddy fields, rivers, canals, backwaters offering stay on houseboats and above all the intrinsic site seeing activities.

Alleppey or Alappuzha
Alleppey has a flourishing coir business passed on traditionally from one generation to the other. This place with many attractions and stunning natural beauty is also a popular honeymoon destination. Best way of celebrating a joyous honeymoon in Alleppey is to take a cruise on the lake or stay on a houseboat which offers all the facilities and an explicit experience of the backwaters. Cruise in the lake takes you to the different locations, while passing by the tiny villages on the banks of the river which are filled with immense pleasure. Surrounding densely forested area, lakes and rivers offer a chance to view the incredible bird life of the region. Alleppey located on the coastal region has a humid climate throughout the year, with pleasant winters and dry sunny summers. Best time to visit this destination is between the months of September to March. Ideal months for sightseeing are August to November with moderate temperatures. Apart from this there are many occasions, events and festival time to be enjoyed here. How to reach Alleppey is not a big issue even for those who are travelling the place for the first time. Alleppey can be reached by air from Cochin which is located at around eighty five km. City of Alleppey has its own railway station which is connected to the major cities of Kerala and other states by rail network. Kerala has a good network of roadways and hence Alleppey can be conveniently reached by road as well. Alleppey’s distance by road to some of the major nearby cities can be stated as follows. Alleppey-Trivandrum road distance is one hundred fifty km. Alleppey-Cochin road distance is just fifty three km.

Alleppey is the jewel in the crown of Kerala tourism and has many tourists’ attractions to explore. Visit our Panoramic sea resort in Alleppey for a comfortable stay and explore the treasures of the destination to its maximum capacity. Enjoy your stay in our resort which is supported with multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, and luxury accommodations.

Krishnapuram Palace In Alleppey

The kings of Travancore had played an important role in the history of Alleppey, and tourists travelling to this district can know more about them by visiting the Krishnapuram Palace located in Kayamkulam town. It was built during the 18th century by a Travancore king known as Marthanda Varma. Maintained by the Archaeological Department of Kerala in recent times, it contains various exhibits that helps visitors know more about its architecture, and rulers who occupied it in the past. The present structure was renovated by the state's Archaeological Department during 1950s according to scientific techniques used for the protection of heritage buildings.
Krishnapuram Palace In Alappuzha
Visitors would notice a typical Keralite architecture while exploring this palace's exteriors and interiors. Complete with gabled roofs and narrow corridors, its complex had a total land area of 56 acres. Among all the Alleppey attractions visited by tourists, this palace provides its visitors with a glimpse into Kerala's glorious past. The present structure has 16 blocks with open area in the courtyards, while its 22 rooms have ornamental wooden partitions. In recent times, the palace functions as a museum with a variety of ancient paintings, wooden artifacts, coins, stone sculptures and many other items. A 3-metre high mural painting of 'Gajendra Moksham' is the most fascinating of all exhibits.

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