Revel In The Enthralling Beauty Of Alleppey

Fondly referred as ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey is a vast network of fresh water rivers and lakes crisscrossing it. Notably popular for its boat cruises, beaches and maritime products, this backcountry town also acts as a safe haven to wide range ranges of flora & fauna. The beauty of this town is such that you’d cherish it for an entire lifetime.

This tiny town in Kerala attracts travellers from different parts of world particularly during the annual boat race. Tourists also love going on boat cruises along the backwaters of Alleppey. Boat cruise from Alleppey to Kollam is one of the most popular cruises. On the course of this trip, you can enjoy enthralling scenery of palm-lined banks and quiet water-bound villages.  Such a trip would offer you with a firsthand experience of simple lifestyle of the people which is far different than the hustles and bustles of city life.

If you intend to avoid hassles related to accommodation, then you should perform some research online. Since, there are many hotels & resorts in Alleppey, so such a research will help you find the best hotels in the lot. You can even consider comparing their services in order to differentiate between average and high quality hotels.

Experience The Magic Of Backwaters In Alleppey

Alleppey, a beautiful town in the South Indian state, Kerala, is so enchanting that the Viceroy of British India, Lord Curzon, had called it 'Venice of the East'. It is also called 'Alappuzha' by the locals, and the backwaters of this region are among its striking features that attract plenty of tourists annually.

Houseboat in Alleppey
Backwaters in Alappuzha
A houseboat cruise on Alleppey's backwaters is something that travellers crave for. It is one of those memorable experiences that stays with an individual for an entire lifetime. Climate of Alleppey is hot and humid during the summers, due to its proximity to Laccadive Sea. The period from June to November is a rainy season in this region. Heavy showers can be experienced in Alleppey around this time of the year. Best time to visit Alleppey is from the month of November to February, when the weather is pleasant and best suited for tourism. It is during this season that travellers come from distant places to enjoy houseboat cruises.

This is also an ideal season for honeymooners. People visiting Alleppey would have plenty of attractions and interesting places to visit during their vacation. The popular resorts in Alleppey provide comfortable stays to their guests in the form of well-furnished and spacious rooms.

Splendid Dance Forms Of Kerala

Kathakali at Kerala
Kerala keeps a speciality in every walk of life and life is full of fun and entertainment in this South Indian paradise. May it be a festival, sporting event like boat races or another event of religious importance the celebrations are made more presentable by the live performances of music and dance. Most of the people are familiar with the dance forms of Kerala like Kathakali but there are many other dance forms which keep similar importance but are less known to the outsiders. One such dance form is Thiruvathirakali.
Kathakali dance
It is specially a dance performed by women artists for achieving lasting marital bliss. It is performed on the occasion of Thiruvathira festival, celebrated in the month of December or January. The mythological story behind this festival interpreted in the dance form tries to explain the marital loyalty and faith in female powers, which brought Kamdeva the Hindu god of love back to life when he was turned into ashes by the anger of Lord Shiva. The dancers all dressed in beautiful traditional attires perform this dance on the rhythms of classical music. They stand in beautiful circles and make rhythmic movements during the performance. If you are planning your Alleppey holidays during this festive period you might be getting the opportunity of witnessing this beautiful dance forms.

Plan A Family Reunion At Panoramic Sea Resort, Alleppey

Panoramic Sea Resort
Partying with the entire family is always a memorable experience for all of us. It not only strengthens the bond that we share with our family members, but also leaves us with some pleasant memories to cherish. There are numerous ways in which you can add loads of fun to such events. Most wonderful among them would be to host a family reunion at one of the most fabulous holiday destinations.

Indoor game at Panoramic Sea Resort

Alleppey, a popular tourist location in the Indian state, Kerala, can be a great place for all the family members to get together. Scenic beauty of the region, delicious local cuisines, and a pleasing hospitality of locals are some of the aspects that everyone in the family would enjoy while vacationing at this place. They would have so much to see and experience in this part of the world that every member of the family would thank you for bringing them to Alleppey.

You need to make sure that a good resort is chosen for hosting a family reunion. Facilities offered for such occasions at Panoramic SeaResort, Alleppey would truly make your planned family reunion a grand event. This resort provides some exciting deals on group bookings, which can help you to have greater savings.

Experience Vibrant Aqua Life At Alleppey Beach in Kerala

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is bestowed with swaying palms and golden sands, wild waves caressing your feet and reaching your heart, orange color horizon during the sunset, flashing oars, snake boat races, glistening oarsmen all participating to make unforgettable memories.

The Alleppey Beach which is the edge to the see from Alleppey town is an immensely appealing place especially if you are planning for a honeymoon. It is one of the favorite tourist spots in the district of Alappuzha that boasts of beautiful lakes, several water crisscrosses and hypnotic lagoons. The beach is also referred to as the 'Venice of the East' and a hub of backwater wanderers, attracting many foreigners to view the snake boat races and to float like lotus while cruising in a houseboat.

Alleppey Beach
There are enormous opportunities for tourists at the Alleppey Beach that gives a chance to indulge in thrilling water sports such as surfing, swimming, para-sailing under the clear blue sky. The fun doubles when you try to structure your dream castle made out of colored sand. Being a very well-maintained beach with clean turquoise water, you can just dive down to explore the vibrant aquatic life of the underwater world that sums up for a perfect beach holiday.

This is one of the most picturesque beaches of India and uniquely located with the sea on one side and the vast canal network on the other, both remarking Alleppey's distinct geography.
Alleppey Beach in Kerala

Experience the joy of being in the God's own country at with lot to see and do. Although there are various hotels in Alleppey but it is recommended to stay at Panoramic Sea Resorts, owned and operated by Panoramic Group of Companies, which is right next to the Alleppey Beach providing home comfort so you rest assure. For more on budget accommodations, please visit

Kayaking Tours Offer Great Excitement To Alleppey's Tourists

Alleppey, also called 'Alappuzha' by the local population, is the hub of backwaters in Kerala. An Alappuzha travel guide shows a vast network of waterways. These waters provide an opportunity for tourists to explore the beautiful natural surroundings of Alleppey and life in villages near the backwaters. A trip along these fabulous backwaters would remind travellers of the tag 'Venice of the East' that was given to this region by none other than the Viceroy of British India, Lord Curzon. Tourists would also come across vast expanses of swaying coconut palms and paddy fields during their vacation spent in this part of the world.
Kayaking Tour
In recent times, the tours of backwaters on kayaks offered by various kayaking service providers have caught the attention of many travellers. These kayaking trips are conducted daily and offer a well-planned itinerary for them. For those who wish to make their Alleppey holidays truly memorable, these tours are highly recommended. A morning kayaking tour begins early at around 6:30 AM, which gives tourists the chance to experience a totally different side of Alleppey. They can also enjoy tea with the villagers during their trip, and even taste some local delicacies in any of the village restaurants.
Kayaking in Alleppey
These tours are conducted on the sit-on-top kayaks, and travellers are provided with all the essential accessories like life-jacket, helmet, and ample storage space. People travelling to Alleppey, who wish to experience these adventurous tours, are advised to book them only with the reliable service providers. An accommodation in Alleppey would be of great help for tourists in enjoying the kayaking trips along with a wonderful stay. Some of the best facilities are provided in these hotels or resorts like multi-channel LCD television, laundry services and internet connectivity. Ayurvedic massage therapies provided in them would also be beneficial for their overall health.

Get To Know Rural Alleppey with Houseboat Cruises

Among the several places that tourists coming to Kerala like to visit, during their vacation is Alleppey. Alleppey is also called 'Alappuzha' by the locals. It is a beautiful town located in the Alappuzha District of the South Indian state, Kerala. Among the fabulous offerings that this region has in store for tourists are its backwaters, which most of the tourists find truly fascinating. The Alappuzha holiday packages provided by many travel portals, hotels, and resorts, include an exciting backwater tour in addition to accommodation and trips to popular places in town. Upon cruising along the countryside, tourists get introduced to life in rural Alleppey.

Alleppey Houseboat Cruise
While cruising along the palm-fringed waterways, travellers come across some of the most amazing views of lush green paddy fields, rustic homes, and Chinese fishing nets. It would seem as if they have been transported to a bygone era, when life was much simpler. Though tourists would have many things to do in Alleppey during their vacation, a cruise along its backwaters is an experience that they would never want to miss. Such tours are conducted on houseboats of different sizes, constructed using eco-friendly materials. Most of them were used as large barges for transportation of goods before getting converted into houseboats.

Houseboat cruise in Alappuzha
Every houseboat is well-maintained and provided with all the facilities that tourists of today would expect to have on board. Interiors of these houseboats are tastefully designed for the pleasure of guests, and are equipped with all the essentials like life jackets, 24-hour back support of ground staff, fuel storage, and mobile communication facilities. Besides the First Aid facility, the rooms are provided with mosquito nets and repellents. Tourists can enjoy houseboat tours either as a part of amenities provided with accommodation in Alappuzha by the hotels or resorts or by booking separate houseboat packages with the tour operators.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race: Alleppey's Most Popular Event

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha among the locals, is home to many attractions that travellers find very interesting and worth visiting. It is also a place that has an abundance of beautiful natural surroundings, characterized by swaying coconut palms and enchanting backwaters. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular event held every year in Punnamada Lake near Alleppey. Since 'Chundan Vallams' or snake boats are used for this event, it is also known as Snake Boat Race. It has become one of the major tourist attractions in Alleppey in recent times and draws plenty of travellers coming from different countries of the world to this region in early August.

Nehru Boat Race in Alappuzha
The long canoes used in this boat race are made of wood and measures between 100-120 foot, making them the biggest vessels used in watersports. History of this event dates back to 1952 when Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, visited Kerala. The state government had arranged a boat race with many participants from the local community as a part of this visit. Mr. Nehru greatly enjoyed this event and congratulated the members of the winning boat. He also gifted a rosewood replica of the snake boat embellished with silver trimming to the state. Replica of this gift from the former Prime Minister is awarded to the winners of Nehru Trophy Boat Race every year. Along with the events and festivals in Kerala celebrated every year, this boat race also has a special significance.

Nehru Boat Race in Alleppey
Booking an accommodation in a hotel or resort in advance would enable tourists to witness this amazing boat race and savour every moment of it. There are many hotels and resorts in Alleppey having rooms or cottages that are well-furnished and provided with all the modern facilities. Some resorts also offer healthy Ayurvedic treatments for complete rejuvenation of body and mind. Guests can benefit from various types of traditional herbal massages that form a part of these treatments.

Beach Resort In Alleppey Offers A Memorable Stay

Located on the banks  of the Ashtamudi Lake in the Indian state of Kerala, Alleppey has become a favorite with  tourists. The local people refer to Alleppey  'Alappuzha'.  Its vast network of lagoons, lakes and freshwater rivers offer great opportunities to travellers for exploring the life in the  villages riding on tastefully designed houseboats. One can also witness some great events in this region, especially the Nehru Cup Snake Boat Race, which is held annually.

Panoramic Sea Resort in Alleppey, Kerala
Accommodation in a beach resort in Alleppey gives a chance to tourists to walk the shores of the Arabian Sea and watch the setting sun while relaxing on the golden sands of the beach.

There are many interesting places to visit in this region, which include some ancient temples and churches. A comfortable stay in a budget resort in Kerala offers the required convenience to travellers while  visiting these attractions. People who wish to unwind in the powdery sands can explore the Alleppey Beach which is set against the backdrop of swaying coconut palms. Krishnapuram Palace, located at a distance of about 47 kilometers from Alleppey is also one of the famous attractions in this travel destination.

Swimming pool in Panoramic Sea Resort
Ambalapuzha and Mullackal temples in Alleppey are great places to be in, as they are excellent examples of ancient architecture. Some  popular festivals are also celebrated with great fervor in these temples. During the tour of Alleppey, travellers can also benefit from the Ayurveda treatment provided at many places. Some of the hotels and resorts in this region also offer such treatments to their guests at reasonable prices. Ayurvedic therapies are beneficial for getting rid of certain ailments, while the herbal massages can promote a general sense of good health among any individual. Tourists who go for such treatments would feel rejuvenated for the rest of their holiday spent in Alleppey.

Ayurveda, the popular ancient science of healing in Kerala

Kerala is the land of ancient arts and sciences blessed with a natural beauty and places of immense touristinterest. It is more popular for  Ayurvedic treatments and its classical dances (bharatnatyam does not belong to kerala. It is from tamil nadu). The roots of Ayurveda in this land were sown more than a thousand years ago and the  teachings were  passed on from one generation to the other  hence preserving its legacy. It is the oldest health care method accepted even by the western population.

Ayurveda Treatment in Alleppey, Kerala
Ayurveda has retained its importance as a  system of  cleansing the body completely and then treating it  with medicine without any side effects. It is supposed to be the best treatment for  senior citizens, who lack  the capacity to withstand strong doses of allopathic medicines. It helps in the physical and mental growth of a human being based on the diagnosis of the three doshas in the human body called pitta, vata and kapha. People administering  Ayurvedic treatments are called Vaidyas in Kerala who have been practicing Ayurveda  since many years. At present, it is the only Indian state in India dedicated to the preservation  of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda - The Science Of Life
The climate of Kerala is most suitable to Ayurvedic treatments and the existence of moisture in the air makes it perfect for natural medicines to be more effective. The land  blessed with medicinal herbs and plants helps in sustaining this health care system.. The soil of this region rich in alkaloid content also helps in increasing the intensity of these medicines. The popularity of Kerala Ayurveda has reached distant places in the world with many tourists coming here for getting treated through ancient healing methods. . This aspect has converted this state into a major tourist hub of India.. Naturally, many hotels and resorts have started providing the basic as well as advanced Ayurvedic treatments within their premises for the convenience and benefit of their guests.. Panoramic sea resort at Alleppey is one such place having its own massage center within the resort.

Saradha Mandiram Reminds Tourists Of A Great Laureate

A.R. Raja Raja Varma is a respected figure among the people of Kerala for his immense contribution in the field of Malayalam literature. His residence has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Alleppey today, and gets a significant number of visitors every year. Considering his efforts in promoting Malayalam and Sanskrit literatures, he came to be known as 'Kerala Panini'. Bhashabhooshanam, Kerala Panineeyam, and Vritha Manjari are some of his important literary works. He produced his greatest works during the years which were considered to be the golden period of Malayalam literature.

He built his home in Mavelikara, which is located in the Alappuzha district of Kerala. Many people who arrive in Alleppey for a vacation never forget to visit Saradha Mandiram during their tour, as it is the home that A.R. Raja Raja Varma built for himself in Mavelikara. While there are many other interesting places near Alleppey worth visiting, lovers of literature would be very interested in knowing the history of A.R. Raja Raja Varma. In recent times, his residence is being maintained by the State Government and has also become his memorial. Other important attractions of Mavelikara include the Chettikulangara Devi Temple, St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral and the C.S.I. Christ Church.

Various temples of this region are also worth visiting, and they are ideal places to witness all the important festivals that are held in them annually. People visiting all the tourist attractions in Alleppey and its surrounding areas can book their accommodations in any of the resorts or hotels located in the Alappuzha district. It would give them the required convenience in exploring all the important places. Rooms or suites in these hotels and resorts are well-equipped with modern facilities, that are designed to provide a memorable stay for tourists. They can also enjoy some mouth-watering local delicacies in them during their stay.

R-Block In Alleppey Is A Tourists' Delight

Alleppey is a city in the Alappuzha district of Kerala that never fails to amaze all the tourists who visit this region every year to explore its natural wonders. The tourist spots in Alleppey and its surrounding areas are easily accessible for travellers through different modes of transportation. One of the interesting places in Alappuzha district is Kuttanad, which is known as the 'rice bowl of Kerala'. Another astonishing fact about this place is that farming is done below sea level in this region. The picturesque paddy fields of this region make for some wonderful sights that are enjoyed by its visitors.

Backwater in Alleppey
Kuttanad is also famous for its backwaters that attract plenty of tourists coming from different parts of the world. The QST and R-Block in Alleppey are the most popular sections of backwaters, that have gained immense popularity among the travellers. A major portion of land has been reclaimed from the backwaters, and dikes have been constructed around it. A trip along the canals on houseboats is a truly memorable experience for most of the tourists. Snake boat races are also conducted in these backwaters every year. The beautiful paddy fields and vast expanses of coconut palms can be witnessed by tourists who cruise along the waterways on the tastefully designed houseboats.

R- Block Alappuzha
People travelling to Alleppey can find many resorts and hotels for having a pleasant stay while spending their vacations in this region. Many of the tourist spots in Alleppey can also be visited from the hotel or resort, in which, they have booked their accommodation. All the popular hotels and resorts in Alleppey provide well-furnished rooms or suites that are provided with the latest facilities. Some of them also have additional amenities like Ayurvedic massages and herbal treatments that prove to be extremely beneficial for the overall health of their guests.

Night House Boat Cruise In Alleppey

House Boat at Alleppey
Backwaters of Kerala offer tourists an opportunity to witness vast expanses of beautiful natural surroundings on houseboats. These country-made boats are also known as 'Kettuvellams' among the local population, and have evolved from a mode of transport for carrying goods to providing world-class cruising experience for tourists. A house boat cruise in Alleppey draws plenty of tourists from different regions of the globe every year, owing to the unique experience that it provides. Today's houseboats can contain up to five bedrooms and can accommodate a maximum of ten people. A cruise on these boats can be one of the most memorable experiences for individuals of all ages.

Alleppey Houseboat
A good amount of skill and experience is required for constructing these giant houseboats of Alleppey. Materials used for building them are brought from the local markets and are eco-friendly. Ropes made from coconut fiber, bamboo poles, coir carpets and bamboo mats are some of the materials that are used for constructing these boats. What really makes them a tourist attraction in Alleppey is the fact that most of them are fully furnished and provided with a private balcony, kitchen, sun deck, comfortable chairs and a toilet. Today's advanced houseboats can also have some of the most modern facilities in them.

Alappuzha Houseboat Cruise
Crew of these houseboats includes a chef who prepares some mouth-watering local delicacies for the guests. In recent times, the facilities offered on them also include air-conditioning and overnight stays. A night houseboat cruise in Alleppey can be totally relaxing for the tourists, after a busy day of exploring various travel destinations of this region. A house boat cruise in Alleppey is also equipped to take care of the requirements of guests during the night, such as a delightful dinner. Different types of packages are also made available for travellers according to the size of their budgets.

Holi Celebrations In Alleppey Are Low-Key, But Enjoyable

Many tourists visit Alleppey to spend their vacation in its beautiful natural surroundings that comprise of lush green coconut palms, freshwater rivers and lakes. The rich cultural heritage of this region also serves as a major factor in attracting plenty of visitors. As seen in many other parts of India, travellers would not witness extravagant Holi celebrations in Alleppey while touring this region in March. The occasion of Holi is observed in temples in the form of various rituals, while devotees turn up in great numbers at such places for offering their prayers. Travellers visiting this part of the world would witness a rather peaceful Holi as compared to other states of India.

Holi Celebrations in Alleppey
In southern parts of India, people follow a different legend associated with this festival. South India associates the legend of Kamadeva with the Holi celebrations in Alleppey and many of its other regions. According to it, Kamadeva shot an arrow on Lord Shiva in order to create an interest of worldly affairs in him. This act of Kamadeva angered Lord Shiva, as he was disturbed from his state of deep meditation. He reduced Kamadeva to ashes, but Rati, the wife of Kamadeva, requested Lord Shiva to restore her husband's life and her wish was granted. 

Holi Celebrations in Kerala
Tourists can get a glimpse of Alleppey's local culture when they witness the festivities in temples on the occasion of Holi. Some of the hotels and resorts in Alleppey organize special events on the auspicious day of Holi or Rangapanchami celebrations held in various states across India. These events include some fabulous treats of special dishes that are prepared for guests on this day. Staff members of these hotels and resorts put in some great efforts for organizing such events, which make this festival a pleasant and memorable affair for all their guests.

Travel Guide To Visit Alleppey

Alleppey is the dream destination of travelers and a historical place sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Vembanad Lake. It is a prospering tourist destination of South India offering different types of water bodies like lakes, lagoons and network of canals giving it a splendid look. Alleppey tourism is gifted with a tranquil landscape of lush green paddy fields, rivers, canals, backwaters offering stay on houseboats and above all the intrinsic site seeing activities.

Alleppey Backwater
Alleppey has a flourishing coir business passed on traditionally from one generation to the other. This place with many attractions and stunning natural beauty is also a popular honeymoon destination. Best way of celebrating a joyous honeymoon in Alleppey is to take a cruise on the lake or stay on a houseboat which offers all the facilities and an explicit experience of the backwaters. Cruise in the lake takes you to the different locations, while passing by the tiny villages on the banks of the river which are filled with immense pleasure. Surrounding densely forested area, lakes and rivers offer a chance to view the incredible bird life of the region. Alleppey located on the coastal region has a humid climate throughout the year, with pleasant winters and dry sunny summers. Best time to visit this destination is between the months of September to March. Ideal months for sightseeing are August to November with moderate temperatures. Apart from this there are many occasions, events and festival time to be enjoyed here. How to reach Alleppey is not a big issue even for those who are travelling the place for the first time. Alleppey can be reached by air from Cochin which is located at around eighty five km. City of Alleppey has its own railway station which is connected to the major cities of Kerala and other states by rail network. Kerala has a good network of roadways and hence Alleppey can be conveniently reached by road as well. Alleppey’s distance by road to some of the major nearby cities can be stated as follows. Alleppey-Trivandrum road distance is one hundred fifty km. Alleppey-Cochin road distance is just fifty three km.

Alleppey is the jewel in the crown of Kerala tourism and has many tourists’ attractions to explore. Visit our Panoramic sea resort in Alleppey for a comfortable stay and explore the treasures of the destination to its maximum capacity. Enjoy your stay in our resort which is supported with multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, and luxury accommodations.

Holiday destinations in Alleppey

Holiday destinations in Alleppey are historic as well as romantic compared to other places in the Indian state of Kerala, which is laden with beautiful places like Karumadi, Krishnapuram palace, Alleppey beach and Vijaya Beach Park. It is a land of temples, beaches, backwaters, historical monuments and a region blessed with many rivers and canals making it a beautiful place to visit. Alleppey also called by the name Alappuzha meaning land between sea and rivers is tucked between the Arabian Sea and the rivers, which make the region fertile. Weekend getaways near alappuzha include beaches, parks, temples and boarding points of backwater.

Beach in Alleppey
Alleppey can be best explored by traveling on the houseboats, which are also the best means of accommodation in a serene atmosphere. Karumadi lying just fourteen km to the east of Alappuzha is visited for viewing the 10th century wonder called Karumadi Kuttan, which is the best proof of existence of Buddhism in this region at historic times. Krishnapuram palace located between Oachira and Kayamkulam is one of the most visited places in Alleppey displaying the belongings of the maharaja. It is divided in many sections and is popular for its pond within the palace. There is an underground route at the bottom, which was used as an emergency route in ancient times. A huge mural painting of Elephants at the entrance in the palace welcomes the visitors. Weekend getaways in Alleppey are located near the city and are convenient to visit.

Alleppey beach is the most popular attraction for beach lovers with a hundred and thirty seven old pier standing near the beach front. An old light house near the beach attracts the attention of the visitors and Vijaya Beach Park fascinates the children with a toy train and many other entertainment activities like boating. Pathiramanal a beautiful island on the backwaters is an ideal place to take a break during backwater cruise. This island adorned with greenery surrounded by Vembanad Lake is a safe heaven for hundreds of migratory birds arriving here from distant places. Tourist places in alappuzha allure the tourists, local as well as visitors coming from other countries. Our panoramic sea resort located near the beach is one of the best, regarding seaside accommodations in cottages specially designed to enjoy beach vacation at Alleppey.

Exciting Republic Day Celebrations Of Alleppey

Kerala, a beautiful state in southern India, is visited by millions of tourists from various parts of the world. Though there are many interesting places to visit in this state, many travellers prefer going to Alleppey for their vacations. This region has vast expanses of greenery, well-complemented with lagoons, lakes and canals. Its backwaters are immensely popular among the tourists, as they get to enjoy a stay in elegant houseboats that cruise through them. This amazing region, also called Alappuzha by the locals, is also a great place to enjoy some colourful festivals and other events that are celebrated with great zest.

Republic Day Celebrations in Alleppey, Kerala.
One such occasion is Republic Day, which is observed with great enthusiasm by the locals. Many educational institutions, private establishments and government offices engage themselves in Republic Day celebrations on the 26th of January every year. Public functions are organized at several places, and the sights of parades are common on this day. Special events are also conducted by the state government on this occasion, where the governor of Kerala takes military salutes during parades. Medals and other awards are given to the eligible members of armed forces as well as deserving civilians. 

Tourists coming to this region during late January can witness the celebrations of Republic Day at various places. Booking a stay at Panoramic Sea Resort would allow them to have a comfortable accommodation while enjoying their vacation in this part of the world. Most of the festivals in Alleppey are celebrated by the staff of this resort, with some amazing delicacies for guests. It offers air-conditioned rooms for its guests, that are well-furnished and provided with all the modern amenities. Its multi-cuisine restaurant serves mouth-watering local delicacies as well as popular Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines. A unique feature of this resort is that it offers traditional Ayurvedic massages that have tremendous health benefits.

Makar Sankranti Celebration of Kerala

The natural beauty of southern India is a great visual treat for many, and so are the festivals celebrated in the region. For many tourists, the state of Kerala is an ideal travel destination. This is the reason why many of them travel long distances to spend their vacations in this part of the world. Alleppey district located in this state is immensely popular worldwide not only for its vast expanses of greenery, but also for its backwaters, houseboat rides and colourful festivals. Some of the festivities attract huge crowds of locals as well as tourists, as they are a great combination of dance, music and beautiful costumes.

Makar Sankrati Celebrations in Alleppey
During the pilgrimage season of Sabarimala, a Hindu religious site located on the mountains of Pathanamthitta District, one can witness grand festivities. The auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti is celebrated at this place every year, usually on 14th of January. For many pilgrims, the sight of 'Makara Jyothi' is highly auspicious, as they believe that it would bring them good luck. This sighting is a part of rituals that are performed on the 14th of January. Among all festivals in Alleppey celebrated every year, this one does not involve grand festivities; but it does receive a lot of attention from people, as it is considered to be an important day by locals.

Tourists visiting Alleppey in early January would get a glimpse of this festive occasion with the events that are planned by several hotels and resorts around this time. For those looking for a pleasant stay, Panoramic Sea Resort would be an excellent choice. The event celebrations in Alleppey would never be missed by its guests, as this resort always offers delicious treats and hosts exciting events on all important festivals of Kerala. It also provides comfortable accommodations for tourists in the form of luxurious, air-conditioned cottages.