Exciting Republic Day Celebrations Of Alleppey

Kerala, a beautiful state in southern India, is visited by millions of tourists from various parts of the world. Though there are many interesting places to visit in this state, many travellers prefer going to Alleppey for their vacations. This region has vast expanses of greenery, well-complemented with lagoons, lakes and canals. Its backwaters are immensely popular among the tourists, as they get to enjoy a stay in elegant houseboats that cruise through them. This amazing region, also called Alappuzha by the locals, is also a great place to enjoy some colourful festivals and other events that are celebrated with great zest.

Republic Day Celebrations in Alleppey, Kerala.
One such occasion is Republic Day, which is observed with great enthusiasm by the locals. Many educational institutions, private establishments and government offices engage themselves in Republic Day celebrations on the 26th of January every year. Public functions are organized at several places, and the sights of parades are common on this day. Special events are also conducted by the state government on this occasion, where the governor of Kerala takes military salutes during parades. Medals and other awards are given to the eligible members of armed forces as well as deserving civilians. 

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