Holi Celebrations In Alleppey Are Low-Key, But Enjoyable

Many tourists visit Alleppey to spend their vacation in its beautiful natural surroundings that comprise of lush green coconut palms, freshwater rivers and lakes. The rich cultural heritage of this region also serves as a major factor in attracting plenty of visitors. As seen in many other parts of India, travellers would not witness extravagant Holi celebrations in Alleppey while touring this region in March. The occasion of Holi is observed in temples in the form of various rituals, while devotees turn up in great numbers at such places for offering their prayers. Travellers visiting this part of the world would witness a rather peaceful Holi as compared to other states of India.

Holi Celebrations in Alleppey
In southern parts of India, people follow a different legend associated with this festival. South India associates the legend of Kamadeva with the Holi celebrations in Alleppey and many of its other regions. According to it, Kamadeva shot an arrow on Lord Shiva in order to create an interest of worldly affairs in him. This act of Kamadeva angered Lord Shiva, as he was disturbed from his state of deep meditation. He reduced Kamadeva to ashes, but Rati, the wife of Kamadeva, requested Lord Shiva to restore her husband's life and her wish was granted. 

Holi Celebrations in Kerala
Tourists can get a glimpse of Alleppey's local culture when they witness the festivities in temples on the occasion of Holi. Some of the hotels and resorts in Alleppey organize special events on the auspicious day of Holi or Rangapanchami celebrations held in various states across India. These events include some fabulous treats of special dishes that are prepared for guests on this day. Staff members of these hotels and resorts put in some great efforts for organizing such events, which make this festival a pleasant and memorable affair for all their guests.