R-Block In Alleppey Is A Tourists' Delight

Alleppey is a city in the Alappuzha district of Kerala that never fails to amaze all the tourists who visit this region every year to explore its natural wonders. The tourist spots in Alleppey and its surrounding areas are easily accessible for travellers through different modes of transportation. One of the interesting places in Alappuzha district is Kuttanad, which is known as the 'rice bowl of Kerala'. Another astonishing fact about this place is that farming is done below sea level in this region. The picturesque paddy fields of this region make for some wonderful sights that are enjoyed by its visitors.

Backwater in Alleppey
Kuttanad is also famous for its backwaters that attract plenty of tourists coming from different parts of the world. The QST and R-Block in Alleppey are the most popular sections of backwaters, that have gained immense popularity among the travellers. A major portion of land has been reclaimed from the backwaters, and dikes have been constructed around it. A trip along the canals on houseboats is a truly memorable experience for most of the tourists. Snake boat races are also conducted in these backwaters every year. The beautiful paddy fields and vast expanses of coconut palms can be witnessed by tourists who cruise along the waterways on the tastefully designed houseboats.

R- Block Alappuzha
People travelling to Alleppey can find many resorts and hotels for having a pleasant stay while spending their vacations in this region. Many of the tourist spots in Alleppey can also be visited from the hotel or resort, in which, they have booked their accommodation. All the popular hotels and resorts in Alleppey provide well-furnished rooms or suites that are provided with the latest facilities. Some of them also have additional amenities like Ayurvedic massages and herbal treatments that prove to be extremely beneficial for the overall health of their guests.