Holiday destinations in Alleppey

Holiday destinations in Alleppey are historic as well as romantic compared to other places in the Indian state of Kerala, which is laden with beautiful places like Karumadi, Krishnapuram palace, Alleppey beach and Vijaya Beach Park. It is a land of temples, beaches, backwaters, historical monuments and a region blessed with many rivers and canals making it a beautiful place to visit. Alleppey also called by the name Alappuzha meaning land between sea and rivers is tucked between the Arabian Sea and the rivers, which make the region fertile. Weekend getaways near alappuzha include beaches, parks, temples and boarding points of backwater.

Beach in Alleppey
Alleppey can be best explored by traveling on the houseboats, which are also the best means of accommodation in a serene atmosphere. Karumadi lying just fourteen km to the east of Alappuzha is visited for viewing the 10th century wonder called Karumadi Kuttan, which is the best proof of existence of Buddhism in this region at historic times. Krishnapuram palace located between Oachira and Kayamkulam is one of the most visited places in Alleppey displaying the belongings of the maharaja. It is divided in many sections and is popular for its pond within the palace. There is an underground route at the bottom, which was used as an emergency route in ancient times. A huge mural painting of Elephants at the entrance in the palace welcomes the visitors. Weekend getaways in Alleppey are located near the city and are convenient to visit.

Alleppey beach is the most popular attraction for beach lovers with a hundred and thirty seven old pier standing near the beach front. An old light house near the beach attracts the attention of the visitors and Vijaya Beach Park fascinates the children with a toy train and many other entertainment activities like boating. Pathiramanal a beautiful island on the backwaters is an ideal place to take a break during backwater cruise. This island adorned with greenery surrounded by Vembanad Lake is a safe heaven for hundreds of migratory birds arriving here from distant places. Tourist places in alappuzha allure the tourists, local as well as visitors coming from other countries. Our panoramic sea resort located near the beach is one of the best, regarding seaside accommodations in cottages specially designed to enjoy beach vacation at Alleppey.

Exciting Republic Day Celebrations Of Alleppey

Kerala, a beautiful state in southern India, is visited by millions of tourists from various parts of the world. Though there are many interesting places to visit in this state, many travellers prefer going to Alleppey for their vacations. This region has vast expanses of greenery, well-complemented with lagoons, lakes and canals. Its backwaters are immensely popular among the tourists, as they get to enjoy a stay in elegant houseboats that cruise through them. This amazing region, also called Alappuzha by the locals, is also a great place to enjoy some colourful festivals and other events that are celebrated with great zest.

Republic Day Celebrations in Alleppey, Kerala.
One such occasion is Republic Day, which is observed with great enthusiasm by the locals. Many educational institutions, private establishments and government offices engage themselves in Republic Day celebrations on the 26th of January every year. Public functions are organized at several places, and the sights of parades are common on this day. Special events are also conducted by the state government on this occasion, where the governor of Kerala takes military salutes during parades. Medals and other awards are given to the eligible members of armed forces as well as deserving civilians. 

Tourists coming to this region during late January can witness the celebrations of Republic Day at various places. Booking a stay at Panoramic Sea Resort would allow them to have a comfortable accommodation while enjoying their vacation in this part of the world. Most of the festivals in Alleppey are celebrated by the staff of this resort, with some amazing delicacies for guests. It offers air-conditioned rooms for its guests, that are well-furnished and provided with all the modern amenities. Its multi-cuisine restaurant serves mouth-watering local delicacies as well as popular Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines. A unique feature of this resort is that it offers traditional Ayurvedic massages that have tremendous health benefits.

Makar Sankranti Celebration of Kerala

The natural beauty of southern India is a great visual treat for many, and so are the festivals celebrated in the region. For many tourists, the state of Kerala is an ideal travel destination. This is the reason why many of them travel long distances to spend their vacations in this part of the world. Alleppey district located in this state is immensely popular worldwide not only for its vast expanses of greenery, but also for its backwaters, houseboat rides and colourful festivals. Some of the festivities attract huge crowds of locals as well as tourists, as they are a great combination of dance, music and beautiful costumes.

Makar Sankrati Celebrations in Alleppey
During the pilgrimage season of Sabarimala, a Hindu religious site located on the mountains of Pathanamthitta District, one can witness grand festivities. The auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti is celebrated at this place every year, usually on 14th of January. For many pilgrims, the sight of 'Makara Jyothi' is highly auspicious, as they believe that it would bring them good luck. This sighting is a part of rituals that are performed on the 14th of January. Among all festivals in Alleppey celebrated every year, this one does not involve grand festivities; but it does receive a lot of attention from people, as it is considered to be an important day by locals.

Tourists visiting Alleppey in early January would get a glimpse of this festive occasion with the events that are planned by several hotels and resorts around this time. For those looking for a pleasant stay, Panoramic Sea Resort would be an excellent choice. The event celebrations in Alleppey would never be missed by its guests, as this resort always offers delicious treats and hosts exciting events on all important festivals of Kerala. It also provides comfortable accommodations for tourists in the form of luxurious, air-conditioned cottages.