Splendid Dance Forms Of Kerala

Kathakali at Kerala
Kerala keeps a speciality in every walk of life and life is full of fun and entertainment in this South Indian paradise. May it be a festival, sporting event like boat races or another event of religious importance the celebrations are made more presentable by the live performances of music and dance. Most of the people are familiar with the dance forms of Kerala like Kathakali but there are many other dance forms which keep similar importance but are less known to the outsiders. One such dance form is Thiruvathirakali.
Kathakali dance
It is specially a dance performed by women artists for achieving lasting marital bliss. It is performed on the occasion of Thiruvathira festival, celebrated in the month of December or January. The mythological story behind this festival interpreted in the dance form tries to explain the marital loyalty and faith in female powers, which brought Kamdeva the Hindu god of love back to life when he was turned into ashes by the anger of Lord Shiva. The dancers all dressed in beautiful traditional attires perform this dance on the rhythms of classical music. They stand in beautiful circles and make rhythmic movements during the performance. If you are planning your Alleppey holidays during this festive period you might be getting the opportunity of witnessing this beautiful dance forms.

Plan A Family Reunion At Panoramic Sea Resort, Alleppey

Panoramic Sea Resort
Partying with the entire family is always a memorable experience for all of us. It not only strengthens the bond that we share with our family members, but also leaves us with some pleasant memories to cherish. There are numerous ways in which you can add loads of fun to such events. Most wonderful among them would be to host a family reunion at one of the most fabulous holiday destinations.

Indoor game at Panoramic Sea Resort

Alleppey, a popular tourist location in the Indian state, Kerala, can be a great place for all the family members to get together. Scenic beauty of the region, delicious local cuisines, and a pleasing hospitality of locals are some of the aspects that everyone in the family would enjoy while vacationing at this place. They would have so much to see and experience in this part of the world that every member of the family would thank you for bringing them to Alleppey.

You need to make sure that a good resort is chosen for hosting a family reunion. Facilities offered for such occasions at Panoramic SeaResort, Alleppey would truly make your planned family reunion a grand event. This resort provides some exciting deals on group bookings, which can help you to have greater savings.