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Facilities Offered In The Best Hotels In Alleppey

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is a mesmerizing town located in the South Indian state, Kerala. Tourists visiting this region would come across marvellous beaches, picturesque canals, beautiful backwaters, and lagoons. One can also witness some fabulous historical structures and magnificent temples while touring Alleppey. It is the backwaters of this town that travellers long to explore during their vacation. The best hotels in Alappuzha not only provide luxurious stays to the tourists, but also make it very convenient for them to visit the nearby attractions and tour the backwaters on houseboats.

Alleppey Houseboat
Rooms in such hotels are tastefully designed, considering the aesthetic preferences of modern-day travellers. Many of the 3 star hotels in Alleppey have fascinating interiors that are provided with all the modern facilities that tourists require during their stays. Some of these hotels are located close to the serene beach of Alleppey. From the rooms of such hotels, guests can enjoy pleasant views of clean sands, roaring waves of the sea, a blue sky, and lush green coconut palms swaying to the tune of winds.

Alleppey Tourist Attractions
Some of these hotels offer Ayurvedic therapies that are beneficial for getting rid of various ailments and promoting overall health in an individual. The best offers on Alleppey hotels include some Ayurvedic treatments that help in rejuvenation of mind and body. Guests of such hotels can choose from a wide range of therapies available for them. Certain treatments are prescribed after a detailed diagnosis done on their bodies. The 4 star hotels in Alleppey have Ayurveda therapies in their spas, divided into various packages of different durations. All these treatments provided by experts in the field.

Dining in the multi-cuisine restaurants of some of the luxurious hotels is an experience that tourists would cherish in their memories for a long time. The luxury hotels in Alleppey have the best multi-cuisine restaurants with stylish interiors, and some mouth-watering varieties of local as well as international cuisines on their menus. Aromas of freshly prepared food in these restaurants raise the appetite of guests. Excellent hospitality of the staff makes dining in Alleppey restaurants even more fantastic.

Travel To Alleppey To witness The Vast Treasures Of Nature

Alleppey, a town located in its namesake district of the Indian state, Kerala, is also known as 'Alappuzha' among the locals; and was referred to as the 'Venice of the East' by the Viceroy of British India in early twentieth century, Lord Curzon. An Alappuzha travel guide available online would provide all the essential information about the town. It may also have information on all its popular festivals and events. Many tourists travel to Alappuzha for exploring its rich cultural heritage and vast expanses of natural beauty.

Alleppey Waterboat
The Nehru Trophy Boat Race, an annual event held on the Punnamada Lake near this town, also attracts numerous tourists from different corners of the world. Comfortable stays are offered by the best hotels in Alappuzha in the form of well-furnished rooms that have all the latest facilities in them. Some of them have rooms that provide splendid views of the sea, lush green palms, and blue skies. The hotels in Alappuzha are also equipped with some excellent amenities that are designed to provide memorable stays to the tourists.

Alleppey Boat Race
For those who do not like to compromise on luxuries, there are hotels in this part of the world that suit their choices and preferences. The luxury hotels in Alappuzha have rooms with stylish interiors and a pleasant ambience. A multi-channel LCD television, internet facility, and an excellent room service are some of the facilities available in them. The 3 star hotels in Alappuzha are also equipped with a multi-cuisine restaurant, which includes some of the most delicious local and other popular cuisines. Spas are also available in such hotels for complete rejuvenation of mind and body. The 4 star hotels in Alappuzha offer Ayurvedic treatments in their spa that are customized according to the nature of ailments and body type.

Exploring the entire town of Alappuzha would require a certain amount of budget and time, which the travellers have to consider before deciding to spend their vacation in this region. The budget hotels in Alappuzha not only provide them with comfortable accommodations, but also give them a chance to have greater savings that they can utilize during their vacation.